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Where’s Milco

This is my first directing TV commercial last year. I did the storyboarding, concept design for character and environment, modeling the orange trolley and supervise the whole commercial from animation to final output. It was fun experience to be in the middle of situation that you have to make client happy from their marketing point of view and make the story telling work in 30 seconds!


Composition and Color Studies

Some studies during free time, colors one are thumbnail for a matte painting. Will post it later when the job is done.

27/9/2012 Here’s the final one:


Predator design for another internal project in my previous company – ST Digital Media. As a concept designer in Asia, people will expect you able to draw “everything” from environment, character design, monster, vehicle…etc. And from cartoon style to realistic. So the challenge has become how fast you can clone a style, pick a subject matter you never touch before and come out something to impress your boss. And trust me, the timeline can be really short.


I create nine emblems for my company, these are some I like the most. The emblem itself try to identify the job function, but I feel it’s bore if just explain the function in positive way. So… I approach the rabbit in funny direction, all of them look a bit dull, workaholic, crazy or bad temper. Not to teasing anyone, just wish when people tired working and look at the emblem will laugh at it. Happy that management could take the joke, it going to print out soon and will give to all colleague. Interesting to see how’s the feedback…

AC Brotherhood

I get the chance to create some concept art for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, this is first AAA game I get involve. The concept serve to visualize the level inside the game, so art director want something real quick in monotone value. My first two drawing consider over detail and time-consuming. 😛

*Uploaded a bigger picture