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Happy New Year!




Some speed paintings for New Year, all done within an hour. No much detail there but try to study some different color palette. 🙂


Ragworts part2

After I post the ragwort illustration, one of my friend told me Ragworth is a poisonous weed and asked me am I inspire from there. I didn’t know it but if get the chance to see the actual weed, I don’t mind to give it a try. Apart from that, I would like to share some concept designs here. The concept of design behind is to combine two contradistinct elements into one character, like: ugly but adorable, cute but fears…etc. That’s why you see a round shape but fears frog like monster, ugly creature with huge worry eyebrow hiding somewhere. Apparently I didn’t integrate it with any exciting concept design culture (eg. medieval, steampunk, victorian…etc) that’s why it hardly categorizes in any mainstream concept design direction. Which is not my initial intension, I just didn’t aware of it.


This is one of the personal projects I develop for my previous employer a few years back, I was assigned to illustrate the Ragwort’s story written by Andy Greenaway. It considers my first conceptual design and fantasy illustration. I did a lot of sketches for it, and here are a few that I found presentable to showcase. It was sketch in pencil on Daler Rowney paper, the monotone color is added in Adobe Photoshop recently.

Year 2013

I decided to give my blog a new theme since it’s year 2013, my wife takes the header’s photo when I do some random sketches in PAUL cafe. There’s only 23 posts since I started this blog two years back, I do have a lot of sketches and digital painting in my folder but due to they mostly still in developing, so I seldom post in online. But, I think I should post more, just to keep it as my development as an artist. Of course and make more new illustration, this is my wish for the New Year!