Happy New Year!




Some speed paintings for New Year, all done within an hour. No much detail there but try to study some different color palette. 🙂


Dubai’s Photo Diary2

A friend from Singapore visit me and my wife last week, we bring him around and I also take the chance to take some photos. All of them taken by my lovely X100, except two are using my friend’s XE1 with 35mm lens. Really love the depth of field it comes up with. Some time it’s good to see the city we live from a tourist point of view, it brings a lot of fresh experience and able to explore the beauty of the city. This is one of the reward I see working oversea, you get the chance to traveling deeply and observe how’s people living there and deal with their environment. Especially Dubai have lovely winter and extremely hot summer, kind of combination of angel and evil. haha~

Ragworts part2

After I post the ragwort illustration, one of my friend told me Ragworth is a poisonous weed and asked me am I inspire from there. I didn’t know it but if get the chance to see the actual weed, I don’t mind to give it a try. Apart from that, I would like to share some concept designs here. The concept of design behind is to combine two contradistinct elements into one character, like: ugly but adorable, cute but fears…etc. That’s why you see a round shape but fears frog like monster, ugly creature with huge worry eyebrow hiding somewhere. Apparently I didn’t integrate it with any exciting concept design culture (eg. medieval, steampunk, victorian…etc) that’s why it hardly categorizes in any mainstream concept design direction. Which is not my initial intension, I just didn’t aware of it.


This is one of the personal projects I develop for my previous employer a few years back, I was assigned to illustrate the Ragwort’s story written by Andy Greenaway. It considers my first conceptual design and fantasy illustration. I did a lot of sketches for it, and here are a few that I found presentable to showcase. It was sketch in pencil on Daler Rowney paper, the monotone color is added in Adobe Photoshop recently.